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Basic Steps and Techniques Class

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A typical class

Do you know left from right?  Can you count up to 8?  Yes?  Then you can "Dance Scottish"!

New dancers are welcome to join our classes at any time during our dancing 'season', which runs from early September through to the end of May.

You do not need a partner or any previous experience. You will receive excellent teaching and plenty of help and encouragement from our friendly group of dancers.

The first hour of our weekly class includes step and formation practice and is suitable for beginners or indeed for any dancer wishing to improve his/her technique in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.  No special equipment or clothing is required but soft, flexible shoes are advisable. It is important that you are comfortable and can move freely while dancing.

The fee for the whole evening is 3.00 for RSCDS members or 4.00 for non-members and includes light refreshments (tea or coffee and biscuits).  

If you are new to Scottish Country Dancing your first two lessons are free; after a few weeks you will be invited to join the Society but you do not have to commit to membership until you are sure this activity is for you.

Full membership of the RSCDS brings a range of benefits, including the discounted class fee! You will also receive a twice-yearly magazine, savings on RSCDS merchandise and a discount if you attend the RSCDS Summer School at St Andrews.

Click here for details of Membership Subscriptions for the current year.

Beginners are welcome to stay and watch the more experienced dancers when the main class starts at 8.00 p.m. - as you progress you will soon be able to join in with the general dancing.

For further details of our classes please contact: Andrew on 01244 460168 or send us an email.


This page was last updated on 20 May 2016