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How to become a member of RSCDS

When you become a member of RSCDS, you are supporting the work of the Society, which celebrated its 95th Anniversary in 2018.  The RSCDS collects and publishes dances and music and provides education and resources for dancers, dance teachers and musicians.  There is now a worldwide community of Scottish Country Dancers and you are assured of a warm welcome at RSCDS classes wherever you go.

Members receive a twice-yearly magazine and are eligible for discounts on merchandise and at Summer School and other events or classes.

If you're in our part of the world, we hope you will join Cheshire Branch and come to our classes and events.

It would be appreciated if you could renew (or apply for) your membership by 1st October.  

Click here to download a Membership Application Form for 2019-20


How much does it cost?

The Membership Subscription consists of two elements: the annual RSCDS membership fee, which we pass on to "HQ" on your behalf, and a small membership subscription for Cheshire Branch, which helps to cover our administration costs.  

The rates quoted below are for adult members (25+).  If you are under the age of 25, please enquire, as reduced rates are available for young dancers.  The membership year runs from 1 July to 30 June - a reduced subscription is available for new members, joining after the mid-point (1st January).

Annual Membership 2019-2020

Individual: £28, including RSCDS subscription of £20

Individual - half-year: £tba, including reduced RSCDS subscription of £tba (available only to NEW members joining after 1st January 2020)

Two people at the same address: £48, including joint RSCDS subscription of £32 (note: there is no half-year reduction for couples joining after 1st January)

Cheshire Branch Affiliation: payable by those who pay their RSCDS subscription direct to "HQ" or who are full members of another RSCDS Branch - £8 per person per annum

Note: it is still cheaper to join RSCDS via our Branch than to be an "HQ Member"

Dancing 'Subs'

"Pay-As-You-Go" Class fee for RSCDS Cheshire Branch members / affiliates: £3.00 per week 

Class fees may be paid in advance - either £80 for the whole year, payable in September; or in two instalments (£40 in September and £40 in January), representing a worthwhile discount for those who attend regularly

Class fee for non-members / visitors: £4.00 per week.

Any questions?  Please contact our Branch Secretary


This page was last updated on 11 Jun 2019